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Cliff Davis Home Center

40+ years of


From manufactured/modular housing to land development and more, Cliff Davis Home Center is the one-stop-shop for all of your home-buying needs

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Jordan Dennis

Excellent service and excellent people! Enjoyed my home buying experience!

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Ashley Roberson

I highly recommend you get your home with Cliff Davis Home center! I would do it all over again! I wouldn't do business anywhere else! Cliff Davis, family and all of his employee's have been very helpful and respectful. I have been in my new home a year now and everything that I have needed along the way has been taken care of with no issues at all!!

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Peter Tzianabos

I have bought homes before, but have never dealt with anyone so trustworthy and knowledgeable! If you are interested in buying a home, and want to deal with no hassles, i would suggest using the Cliff Davis Home Center.

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