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Know the man who stands with you and behind you.Completed jobs are shown on this website simply to serve as an example of the experience level Cliff Davis brings, with years in the Manufactured Homes industry. Cliff was hands on in every aspect of each of these jobs all over Alabama. If you have land to prepare there is no one better able than Cliff Davis to assist or supervise your land development. This will give each customer that comes to Cliff Davis Home Center the confidence that each item is done correctly and affordably as can be.

This is one of the first complicated doublewide set ups I completed in 1986. This was my personal home and I, like many people, wanted the home to sit close to the ground. As you can see I had the ground dug out and drove the home into the hole. What you see here is, "What Not to Do." In 2 years' time I had termites in my wood and mushrooms growing out of the carpet in my master bedroom closet. On my wesite under the "porch/add-on, etc." tab I show a different way to have your home appearing to be sitting on the ground. I call it the "Residential Finish" and it's done the right way.

I show this job because it involved controlling water, which is the hardest to achieve aspect to any land developing. I built this huge manufactured home community from the ground up inclusive of land clearing, surveying, road building, water and sewer main and individual service installation, and so on. The point to this job is if I can build all this then certainly I have an understanding of what it takes to have your home-site built


My purpose for writing this article is to let you know that I am here to help you build the house of your dreams. I'm getting too old to run the machines and my achy bones won’t allow me to build it myself, but what I do for you is better than building your site. I will become your coach, overseer and can get it built correctly and usually for far less than you’d pay elsewhere.

Allow me to ask you a few questions and perhaps it will all make sense to you:

How much does a tandem axel (20 yard) dump truck of clay/gravel dirt cost? How much should a bulldozer, backhoe or tractor cost per hour? Where's the best place to install your home, your septic tank, your driveway and how can you have a driveway that doesn't wash out every time it rains hard? I know what these costs are and what a fair price is for them, and how long it takes for the whole process to workout best for you at the lowest price possible. What price did you estimate a load of clay/gravel to cost? I've gotten estimate predictions from my customers anywhere between $400 to $700 per load. I usually can get it for my customers between $125 to $200 a load depending on your location and difficulty of delivery. This is just one of the services I offer those who chose to do business with me. Cliff Davis

This is a home I did where I purchased the property, poured cement footers, blocked up the home and built the porches. Additionally, on one end of the home I built closets for the two end bedrooms allowing for the two bedrooms’ inner closets to be omitted. The original closets were small and took up bedroom space, so to make them bigger. I also ordered the home with a door on the end out of each bedroom and then built on the closet addition you see in the picture. Not only did they get bigger closets and bedrooms, but it also helped the exterior of the home look more residential. It was actually cheaper to do it this way than it was to lengthen the home when built at the factory. Lastly, by setting up the home this way it was able to qualify for FHA and other finance options for up to a 30 year loan at low interest rates.

I bought 11 acres on Lake Jordan in a shallow slew. I dug the slew deeper, built piers and boat ramp and had intended to make it an RV park but sold it to a real estate company for houses

This is a 17-acre I-65 Clanton, Alabama Manufactured Home start-up dealership I built from the ground up. You name it, virtually every aspect to land development was done here. It also came with some never before encountered obstacles such as a massive nest of angry attacking yellow jacket bees, big black bumble bee attacks and cotton mouth snake attacks. It turns out they all like living around water and didn't like the vibrations my bulldozer made.

I bought a hilltop lot on Lake Martin above Bama Park. After buying it, I realized I needed to get closer to the water so I cut the lot way down and installed a small log sided double wide and built on a matching log sided den onto it with stairs all the way to the lake.

This is a simple little pond with a liner that I built to enhance the area. It's no big deal, but like anything else, there are lessons to be learned when taking on something never done before. Lessons being: buy the thicker liner and make sure the ground has a nice smooth “rock free” bottom.

This is another dealership development I did that was within the city limits of Montgomery and off a major highway. From these photos, you will see how I prepared the manufactured home office so a sidewalk could be built to enter the office without going up a series of steps. I had to endure major struggles with government agencies and utilities companies, but I want you to know that when it comes to land development I have experience in virtually every aspect including the type of people you have to encounter in the process.

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