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The Economics’ of Owning a Manufactured Home

        Believe it or not, I, Cliff Davis, do solemnly swear I am and have always been an optimist. For those who know me know I seek to find the good in anything and am persistent at making any situation better. However, I have now succumb to the pessimistic fact that fuel cost instability  it is what it is, and there is absolutely nothing you or I can do to change that fact except to navigate through it the best we can! I must say, when I go grocery shopping and see items as common as a tomato costing me a $1.00 and an apple $.65 cents I see no way anyone’s earnings can keep pace with those kinds of prices! I’m approaching 60 years old with the aspiration to make it into at least my 80’s and I feel certain I will not see in my lifetime my dollars buying-power as good as it was in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Let’s face it folks, those days are gone and won’t be back anytime soon! Fuel cost dictates every single aspect of our lives including how much it costs to drive back and forth to church on Sundays, and maybe in the year 2033 the world will have completely converted over to a stable priced fuel source that will stabilize our dollars buying power. We often hear about governments and businesses all over the world searching for alternatives to fuel, but what we don’t hear about is how those people are searching for alternatives to anything that will save us money in the present so we can live the best life possible. 

        It’s an absolute fact that at Cliff Davis Home Center we offer every member of your family something better for them; whether it be a better kitchen, individual bedrooms, a functional utility room and the list goes on. Not only will my homes save you hundreds in monthly fixed payment costs and homeowners insurance rates, it will also save you a lot of money with my energy efficient features with your variable expenses, such as power and gas bills. Do the math, it adds up and whatever you do, check out what I have to offer before making a purchase. It will make a difference, I promise you that! Cliff Davis


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