Facts you need to know before viewing my “Homes”.


You may can get what you see, but then again there is so much more you can get that you won’t see.

Allow a Cliff Davis Home Center representative to explain what we mean by this.


Cliff Davis Homes offers you the opportunity to put a kitchen from one home into another, or add this bathroom from one home or that master bedroom from another into a floorplan with a kitchen and layout you like: Add a foot or two here or there, add a closet or make it bigger, omit a bedroom, make a 3 bedroom into a 4 or 5 bedroom, add a 3rd or 4th bathroom, omit carpet for a flooring of your choice, the options are almost endless at Cliff Davis Homes!


The home plans you are viewing are of homes we either currently have on display, have had on display, or are from previous home shows we have visited. All can be customized for you. Some of the plans and pictures are years old and some of the features may not be available, but the floorplan are. My website is made available simply for you to view the style and type of homes I offer for sale. Being that I specialize in customizing a home specifically for each individual home-buyer, my website is intended to be a tool for you to use to reach your goal.




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