To figure the lowest monthly payment do the following:

All payments are calculated for home only loans for 23 years, no land purchased are added into the loan.

All payment calculation numbers provided below are for $50,000 loan amounts and above, and for double wides only.

Take the amount you wish to borrow and multiply it by the numbers stipulated below.

  • 575-600= 9.25

  • 601-650= 9.12

  • 651-720= 8.66

  • 720+ =       6.87

Note, your loan amount is after your paid in down-payment.

Example 1 : You wish to borrow $75,000 x’s your number 6.87 =  your monthly payment of $512.25

Example 2: You wish to borrow $130,000 x's your number 9.25 = your monthly payment of $1,202.50

I advise you to add $5,000 to all loan amounts you wish to borrow to cover sales tax and maybe there is an option or two you might want to add in.

Remember, all prices are based on manufactured standard construction which you will fine listed with the pictures of each home model you have viewed.

Important information:

The “your numbers” given above are based on a 10% down-payment. “your number” will be even lower with a higher down-payment and higher with the minimum down-payment of 5%.

5% down-payments are not available for low qualifying credit scores.

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